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It's easy to clean up...

My boyfriend, loves to surf cast at night, stopping at each jetty to cast a couple dozens of times, hoping to "lure" a striped bass or blue fish.  One night, he's casting away and i'm trailing behind, enjoying the beauty of the Long Beach ocean and sky, walking thru the water but there's garbage everywhere.  Joe, gives me a plastic bag that he keeps with him, to hold the "keeper bass" he wants to haul in and I begin picking up garbage.  The first night, I picked up 2 bags of garbage; plastic cups, bottles, fast food containers, bags, balloons, diapers, feminine hygiene applicators (YUCK) etc.  I've been garbage picking while he fishes, I feel as if i'm doing something.  A little boy came up to me with an empty can and one of those awful plastic rings that holds a 6 pack, he wanted to help, as did his parents.  Another night a couple stopped to tell me they just picked up a bag of garbage.  My friend, Lorna, is picking up on the East End of Long Beach.  Hopefully, cleaning up our beaches will trickle up and more people will help out and clean up.

Keep an extra plastic bag with you, whether at the beach or the park, I'm sure you will find some cans, bottles etc to pickup.  It's easy being clean.

Thank you in advance for helping !!!

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