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July 4th Ready

Wow, it's almost July already.  Rebuild the Beach, is busy with events almost every weekend.  You can find us many Saturdays at Arts in the Plaza. If you can't make it to Arts in the Plaza, you can find some of our apparel and accessories at Ocean Ride Cycling Studio and Long Beach Printing.
Ocean Ride Cycling is a premier indoor cycling studio, 28 West Park Avenue, (above Tutti Frutti). They offer classes 7 days a week, check out their schedule to see what works for you.  I teach there on Tuesday Nights and Thursday 6AM,
Long Beach Printing Company can supply you with all your printing needs, they have creative people on staff if you need any art direction.  They are located at 641 East Park Avenue (next to Lido Kosher Deli)
Rebuild the Beach, will be on the Boardwalk, July 9th & 10th for the Arts & Crafts Festival and then July 16th & 17th for Surf Week.
We look forward to seeing you at Arts in the Plaza, Ocean Ride, Long Beach Printing, Long Beach Arts & Crafts Festival or NYSEA Surf Week.{DF715528-78E6-4DCF-864F-EE46C01C4B3F}

See you soon!!!
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It's June

Long Beach High School Academic Awards Night was a huge success. 

Rebuild the Beach, asked our candidates to write an essay about what they feel needs attention in our community.  The selected essays, initially were not my first choice but after rereading them along with 20 + other essays, we selected 2 for our annual scholarship.  Both essays were personal, honest and caring.  

One student wrote about the need to help our veterans.  She was opening up about her grandfather and expressing how necessary it is that our community, society & world needs to assist what's in front of us.  We all know it's easier to look away but it's time that we cease looking away and starting looking and helping.

The other selected essay was about the highs and lows of social media.  As we all know, there can be a tremendous amount of abuse in the Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat arena.  I was impressed at how candid this student was and how ahead of her years she is with wanting to express the importance of using the arenas for positive things, building people up, not bringing them down.

What I've learned from both students and their essays is we all need to be kinder and more helpful.  Reach out, get involved, help others that are less fortunate.  Think about what you are doing and the ramifications.  

Sending peace and light for a beautiful June!!!



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Dads and Grads and Just Feel the Love Blanket....

Everyone loves the 54" x 84" Sweatshirt Blanket, Life is Better at the Beach, Long Beach, NY.  Makes a great gift for your Grads, dads and any loved one...Great for the beach, keep in your car for those cold and windy baseball games and perfect for your couch.  You won't be disappointed in this quality 100% cotton blanket....



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Spring is here...


Liz & Geoff

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