2023 Long Beach High School Senior Awards Night

Thankful to all our Rebuild the Beach customers that help us continue to give back to our community.  Last evening was the 2023 Long Beach High School Senior Awards Night, our 11th year giving schloarships to worth students.  We require an essay and the subject was, "Who has inspired or been a mentor for you?"  Our LBHS students are fortunate to find inspiration or mentors in their teachers, faculty, family members and friends.

It's important in the road of life to have a person or persons that you can reach out to, learn from, be guided by, accepted by.

The roads will be challenging for our new graduates and the next step is new for each and everyone.  Some make it look easier than others but that doesn't mean they are not nervous, anxious or worried.  For me, it has been my coping mechanism to seem as if I have it all under control but don't be fooled, I was nervous, scared and worried too.  This too shall pass, the hurdles and "newness" will be conquered, one step at a time and sometimes 2 steps back and then forward again.

Cheers to our 2023 LBHS Graduates!!!