2019 Thank You!

Another year coming to a close and another fulfilling Rebuild the Beach year.

What a great opportunity to give back to our community and important causes.

Thank you all for continuing to support Rebuild the Beach.  We are looking forward to 2020.  Always bringing you quality and creativity and the ability to give back to worthy causes.

Cheers to 2020!

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January 2019

Happy 2019 Everyone!

2018 was a fantastic year for Rebuild the Beach.  We kept ourselves very busy designing new prints, sourcing different apparel and participating in as many events and pop-ups as possible.  Thank you all for your continued support

Rebuild the Beach will continue to give back to our local Long Beach Charities & various organizations that are meaningful to us.  It will be our 7 year donating a Scholarship to a Long Beach High School Student.

Thanks to all of you, all our donations are possible.

Stay Warm!

Best, Liz

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August 2018

Hope you are having a wonderful summer.  We have had fun at the Long Beach Board Craft Fairs, Pride Sunday, Surf Week & Arts in the Plaza.  It's amazing that it's our 6th summer selling the Rebuild the Beach apparel & accessories.

We gave out our 6th Long Beach High School School Scholarship in June, always rewarding to be part of our community and pay it forward.

Thank you to Stephanie at Ocean Ride Cycling Studio for keeping your beautiful studio and boutique open to Rebuild the Beach.  Who doesn't like to Ride and Shop.

Happy August Everyone!!! 

best, Rebuild the Beach

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November 2017

The facebook memory that popped up today was our first Rebuild the Beach post, 5 years ago, we started selling our hammer logo t-shirts, tanks & sweatshirts.  At that time, we were exclusively raising money for the Long Beach School District.  
We continue to give back to the Long Beach School District for the end of year Scholarship and donate to True Potential Tutoring & additional HIgh School clubs.
October & November are always busy donating months, Breast Cancer Awareness, Mustaches for Movember & Puerto Rico.
As I always say, it's very easy to get involved, give back & help our community.
With Thanksgiving coming up, please consider "giving".  
Be kind.
Be peaceful.
Thank you all for helping us, 5 years and still selling strong & giving back.
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July 4th, 2017

Happy July 4th, 2017!  Beautiful weekend in Long Beach & today was a 10. The beach was crowded.  As I walked the beach, all I could think was, are these visitors and locals going to pick up all the garbage that is around them?  I'm hopeful that we respect our beaches and our fellow neighbors.  Leave the beach pristine, pick up after yourself and others. Respect the lifeguards, swim in between the flags, they are there for a reason.  Yes, I've become a "local" and want my town to be respected and cared for....Be your best, always...

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Spring is in the air...

From a snow storm last week to almost 60 degrees this weekend, Spring is definitely in the air.  Thanks to Karin and Laura, we have this fantastic new design to wear while showing off your fit shape.  

My workout girls and I have been using TRX and kettle bells for a long time now and we just started using a Steel Mace and Indian Clubs.  We groan and complain during most of the workout but in reality, we all enjoy it, appreciate the results and have fun together.

So, find a workout partner, walk, run, bike or lift together.  Take care of yourself inside and out.

Message us for the BAM! apparel...

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Happy Holidays and a Healthy 2017

Wow, only a few days left of 2016.  We are thankful for all your support in 2016 and look forward to your continued support in 2017.  With your help, we will continue to donate to local organizations, charities, scholarships and families.

Geoffrey is off to Australia tomorrow for 2 weeks.  In addition to having an incredible experience, I hope he finds some cool graphic shirt ideas for Rebuild the Beach to add to their upcoming 2017 Collection.

If you have an idea and want to see it come to "print", reach out to us and share your ideas.

In the meantime, stay safe, happy and healthy.  Take care of yourself.  Be peaceful.


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Happy Thanksgiving

My favorite holiday is tomorrow,Thanksgiving.  Geoffrey and I are off to Cleveland to see the family.  I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.

Rebuild the Beach has continued to be busy and donating to many different causes.  We donated to 3 different Breast Cancer organizations and Mustaches for Movember.  We are now raising money to donate to the The Long Beach Christmas Angel, and True Potential Tutoring,  Two very important organizations that help our Long Beach Families.The Long Beach Christmas Angel holiday party is December 9th and True Potential Tutoring is having Bingo Night on December 10th.  Check their sites for further details.

It's been a Whale of a November and I'm obsessed with all the fantastic photos. Check out, Artie Raslich, on Facebook.  

Stay happy and be kind.

Best, liz

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September 2016

Labor Day Weekend has come to an end and fortunately Hurricane Hermine only brought fantastic surfing conditions to our Long Beach, New York.  The July Fireworks that were cancelled in July were launched on Friday Night.  We watched them from our roof top.  It was a beautiful clear night and they were a spectacular sight.  Thank you City of Long Beach.

Rebuild the Beach had a busy summer and we are looking forward to our upcoming events. October 1st is Irish Day, we will be set up at Station for Hair.  October 8th & 9th, City of Long Beach Fall Festival at Kennedy Plaza. October 23rd Shopping Crawl at Ocean Ride Cycling Studio. October 29th Halloween at the Plaza with Arts in the Plaza.  (don't worry, we'll remind you next month)

Follow us on Facebook for any additional shopping events.

Enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

best, Liz

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It's easy to clean up...

My boyfriend, loves to surf cast at night, stopping at each jetty to cast a couple dozens of times, hoping to "lure" a striped bass or blue fish.  One night, he's casting away and i'm trailing behind, enjoying the beauty of the Long Beach ocean and sky, walking thru the water but there's garbage everywhere.  Joe, gives me a plastic bag that he keeps with him, to hold the "keeper bass" he wants to haul in and I begin picking up garbage.  The first night, I picked up 2 bags of garbage; plastic cups, bottles, fast food containers, bags, balloons, diapers, feminine hygiene applicators (YUCK) etc.  I've been garbage picking while he fishes, I feel as if i'm doing something.  A little boy came up to me with an empty can and one of those awful plastic rings that holds a 6 pack, he wanted to help, as did his parents.  Another night a couple stopped to tell me they just picked up a bag of garbage.  My friend, Lorna, is picking up on the East End of Long Beach.  Hopefully, cleaning up our beaches will trickle up and more people will help out and clean up.

Keep an extra plastic bag with you, whether at the beach or the park, I'm sure you will find some cans, bottles etc to pickup.  It's easy being clean.

Thank you in advance for helping !!!

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